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Embark on a transformative financial journey with the best stock market training at our esteemed institute in Pune. Offering the finest stock market classes in Pune, our expert-led programs ensure comprehensive learning and practical insights for participants. Whether you're a beginner or seeking advanced knowledge, our online stock market courses in India cater to diverse learning needs. Positioned as the go-to institute, we provide online stock market courses for beginners, equipping them with essential skills for navigating the market successfully. Join us to elevate your financial expertise, and explore the dynamic world of stock trading with confidence. Enroll now for a rewarding educational experience.



At Toppers Trading Institute, we offer a comprehensive range of courses tailored to guide you through every stage of your journey. From beginners to advanced traders, our curriculum is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the stock market.

LEVEL 1: Basic to Advanced Course

Duration: 2 Months

Course Highlights:

    • Dow Theory Application: Grasp the foundational principles of the Dow Theory, an essential component for understanding market movements.
    • Market Trend Analysis: Learn very simple yet effective tricks to decipher market trends, empowering you to navigate through market volatility with confidence.
    • Candlestick Mastery: Delve into the world of candle formations, exploring various types and patterns of candlesticks.
    • Chart Pattern Recognition: Gain the ability to identify and interpret chart patterns.
    • Support & Resistance Analysis: Master the techniques to analyze support and resistance levels.
    • Breakout & Breakdown Strategies: Uncover the secrets of breakout and breakdown strategies.
    • Essential Indicators: Get hands-on experience with important indicators such as Volume, EMA, RSI, and MACD.
    • Basic to Advance Futures & Options: Step into the world of futures and options, understanding their mechanisms and how they can be used for hedging.
    • Option Greeks: A deep dive into the Greeks - Theta, Delta, Gamma, and Vega, to understand how they affect option pricing and strategies.
    • Commodity & Currency: Learn the minute details of commodity and currency options hedging, a key strategy for managing financial risk.
    • Risk Management & Position Sizing: Equip yourself with strong risk management techniques and learn the art of position sizing to protect your capital and maximize accuracy. 
    • Capital Preservation and Margin of Safety Concept: Understand the book- The Intelligent Investor- written by Benjamin Graham (The Guru of Warren Buffett).

    • Share Market / Stock Market View & Investing Chart Practice: Become proficient in using professional tools like Share Market / Stock Market View and Investing charts for market analysis and decision-making.

LEVEL 2: Master In Price Action - Trend & Direction-Based Analysis

Duration: 1 Month

Over one month, you'll learn advanced techniques for reading market movements and executing trades based on price action signals.

  • Course Highlights:

    • Advanced Price Action Strategies: Elevate your understanding from the basics to advanced levels of price action.
    • Comprehensive Price Action Analysis: From the basics to advanced techniques, learn how to conduct a start-to-end analysis of price action. This includes mastering chart patterns to accurately interpret market trends based on advanced Dow theory.
    • Gap Theory: Understand the concept of gaps in the stock market, their types, implications, and how they can be used for understanding the trends.
    • Risk Management Strategies: Gain insights into formulating effective risk-reward ratios and setting appropriate stop-loss orders to protect your investments.
    • Fibonacci Retracement: Explore the significance of Fibonacci levels in identifying potential reversal points in the market.
    • Swing, Momentum, and Positional Strategy: Learn the details of swing and momentum strategies to take advantage of short to medium-term market movements.
    • Trend Analysis: Find ways to identify trend continuations and reversals, enabling you to align your trades with the market's direction.
    • Mastering Indicators: Get hands-on experience with master indicators such as Bollinger Bands (BB), Stochastics, and the Average Directional Index (ADX) to enhance your market analysis.
    • Trend Divergence and Convergence: Learn the concepts of RSI divergence, MACD divergence, and their convergence counterparts to spot potential trend reversals early.
    • Advanced Chart Patterns and Trap Analysis: Learn to identify and interpret master chart patterns, along with recognizing bull and bear traps to avoid common pitfalls.
    • Multi-Time Frame Analysis: Develop the skill to analyze multiple time frames concurrently, a technique that offers a more comprehensive view of the market, aiding in more informed decision-making.

LEVEL 3: Master In Future And Options (MFO)

Duration: 1 Months

The Master in Futures and Options (MFO) course is a highly specialized program designed for individuals looking to gain advanced expertise in the complex world of futures and options across equity, currency, and commodity markets. This intensive one-month course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to analyze and leverage options hedging strategies effectively.

  • Course Highlights:

    • Comprehensive Coverage: Learn more about the Futures and Options, covering critical aspects such as Option Chain analysis, Strike Price analysis, and understanding the nuances of OTM (Out of The Money), ATM (At The Money), and ITM (In The Money) options.
    • Open Interest (OI) Analysis: Gain insights into how to interpret OI changes and their implications on market direction.
    • Option Strategies for Every Market Condition: Learn to navigate through various market conditions with strategies for bullish, bearish, and neutral market outlooks. This includes mastering:
      • Bullish Strategies: Long Call and Short Put
      • Bearish Strategies: Long Put and Short Call
      • Directional Trades: Long Straddle and Long Strangle
      • Non-Directional Trades: Short Straddle and Short Strangle
    • Mastering Option Greeks: A deep dive into the Greeks - Theta, Delta, Gamma, and Vega, to understand how they affect option pricing strategies.
    • Advanced Option Strategies: Study up-directional strategies like Debit Call Ratio and Credit Put Ratio, down-directional strategies like Debit Put Ratio and Credit Call Ratio, and master non-directional strategies.
    • Option LEAPS: Get to grips with Long-term Equity Anticipation Securities (LEAPS)
    • Risk Management: Learn how to position sizing and how to effectively set stop losses in Futures and Options to manage and mitigate risk.
    • Analytical Tools: Become proficient in reading Payoff Graphs for options and futures, conducting in-depth analysis of Option Open Interest, understanding the implications of INDIA VIX Analysis, and more.

LEVEL 4: Master in Asset Creation - Elliott Wave Principle

Duration: 1 Months

Our Master in Asset Creation program is a pinnacle course designed for individuals who are serious about advancing their skills to the highest level. This intensive one-month course is for those looking to master the art and science of the stock market, offering a deep dive into advanced strategies and analyses that can transform your journey into a market sage.

  • Course Highlights:

    • Expert Technical Analysis with Elliott Wave Principle: Learn market trends and patterns using the Elliott Wave Principle, a sophisticated tool for forecasting market movements based on investor psychology and price movements.
    • Multiple Entry and Exit Strategies: Learn skills related to understand the market with precision. This module covers various strategies to identify the best times to enter and exit trades, maximizing your potential success.
    • Arbitrage Strategy: Understand arbitrage and learn how to exploit price differences across different markets.
    • Market Psychology: Understand the psychological aspects of learning, including the development of robust techniques, risk observation, and maintaining traders' journals to refine strategies and learn from past trades.
    • Mutual Fund - Analysis of mutual funds.
    • Mutual Fund Alpha & Beta Analysis: Get to grips with evaluating mutual funds through alpha and beta analysis to assess their performance and risk compared to the market.
    • Index Funds and Gold Bees: Explore investment opportunities in index funds and Gold Bees, understanding their benefits.
    • Financial Independence and Asset Creation: Learn strategies for achieving financial independence through asset creation and management.
    • Alternative Investment Opportunities: Diversify your profile and discover a world beyond stocks and bonds with alternative investments, including real estate, commodities, and more, and minimize risk.
    • Long-Term Asset Creation Strategies: Develop a clear, strategic approach to long-term asset creation and generate sustainable growth.
    • In-Depth Fundamental Analysis of Companies: Master the skill of fundamental analysis, evaluating a company's financial health, competitive advantages, and market position to make informed investment decisions.
    • Ratio Analysis & Cash Flow Analysis of the Company: Dive deep into financial statements with ratio and cash flow analysis to uncover insights about a company's operational efficiency and financial stability.

    Join Toppers Trading Institute for your path to success. Our courses are structured to provide you with a deep understanding of the stock market and develop the skills you need to thrive. Whether you're starting with the basics or aiming to become an expert, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Share Market Courses Fees

At Toppers Trading Institute, we believe in providing high-quality education at affordable prices. The share market course fees vary depending on the course length, content, and format. We offer competitive pricing for all our courses, with special discounts available for early registrations and group enrollments. For detailed information on course fees, please contact our admissions office.




Equity Market

Learn about the equity analysis or stock market analysis and about the current trends of the share market with proper understanding.


Derivatives Markets

Derivative analysis training includes as how to learn and practically implement future and options, analyzing put and calls etc.


Commodity Market

Commodity Share Market / Stock Market training course is designed as how to use commodity Share Market / Stock Market platforms and implying the technical, fundamental in live market.


Technical Analysis

This module covers the practical implementation of charts and patters, oscillators, Bollingerbands, support levels, resistance levels, etc.


Techniques & Strategies

At last, learn to implement different strategies in the stock market and learn how to make different strategies from scratch.


Portfolio Management

How to handle the portfolios of different clients? What are the different stocks to be added in the portfolio etc will include in it.


Under SEBI regulations we are prohibited from utilizing anyone else's trades. Therefore, we do not supply trade recommendations or buy/sell calls to any of our student(s). Toppers Trading Institute is not responsible for any of your trade and investment decisions. Before you make any financial decision, consult with your investment advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a range of stock market courses in Pune, including introductory courses for beginners, advanced share Market / Stock Market strategies, portfolio management, derivatives, and risk management.
Yes, our share Market / Stock Market courses are designed to cater to both beginners and experienced traders. We have introductory courses that start from the basics of share Market / Stock Market.
Absolutely! We offer comprehensive online classes for share market training that allow you to learn from anywhere.
The share market course fees vary depending on the course content, duration, and format. We strive to offer competitive pricing and provide detailed fee information upon request.
Yes, we provide online share market classes that include live sessions, recorded lectures, and interactive discussions to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.
The duration of our stock market courses can range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the depth and coverage of the course material.
Yes, upon successful completion of any of our share Market / Stock Market courses, students will receive a certification from Toppers Trading.
For advanced courses, it's beneficial to have a basic understanding of the stock market, though we review foundational concepts as needed to ensure all students are on the same page.
You can register for our online classes for the share market through our website or by contacting our admissions team directly for assistance with the registration process.